About TOKYOFUJI. An introduction to our business.


Our Business


A wealth of knowledge, a wealth of inventory and abundant sales experience makes us No. 1 in the Kanto district. We "Tokyo FujiShokai Co,Ltd" is specialized in manufacturing and wholesaling of overhead wiring materials. We started trading materials and Japan's traditional products to overseas too.

Company History

We "Tokyo Fujishokai Co,Ltd" is established in 1979. We have been wholesaling overhead wiring materials for more than 30 years. We've also begun manufacturing materials since 2009 and trading them to the other countries. Through those experience we deeply understood what the other countries expect to Japan's products. We have also started trading products that are based on Japan's superb technology and traditional skill to overseas. We are continuing to make proposals that build on the trust we've developed through our long-standing relationships with our customers-relationships that have lasted for over 35 years.

Business operations

架線材料 架線材料 架線材料

Overhead wire hardware

Tokyo Fujishokai Co., Ltd. is an expert of various hardware (outside line materials) attached to a utility pole. We are the Kanto number one company in the field of these overhead wire hardware. We develop the original brand-name products, so we can supply the products steadily. In addition, please ask us from a steel tower to a concrete pole as well.


Our instrumentation section specializes in the instrumentation materials for thermal power stations and petrochemistry plants, including plumbing materials, couplings, and valve proceeded products. Our instrumentation section has the delivery results to thermal power stations, oil or chemical plants, and also to the nuclear power plants. In addition, we manufacture special order products as well as ready-made articles.



Our life-related section provides the products to enrich the lives of everyone. We begin wider sales and increase the number of the handled products by EC business. In addition, for foreign countries, we perform the sales of the high-quality products using Japanese advanced technology and of the Japanese traditional products.


  • Sales of electrical & communication construction materials
  • Design & manufacture of electrical & communication construction materials & equipment
  • Sales of electrical & communication insulation materials & products
  • Pole erecting & reinforcement calculation for concrete posts, steel posts, Panzer masts & more
  • Development, sales, & import/export of disaster-related goods
  • Development, sales, & import/export of pipe components & instruments